Meet the RMNDR

Replacing Find with Remind

Lost devices hurt your business

More than 70 million phones are lost each year, and the majority are attributed to being “misplaced.” Once a phone is lost, emergency IT support, investigation, and loss of productivity can result in enormous expenses, not to mention stress.


Further to the additional cost of replacing lost devices, the cost to your company due to sensitive data falling into the wrong hands cannot be underestimated.


Each of these risks only increase as companies distribute a greater number of phones to their employees, in Sales, Transportation and Logistics, Telecommunications, Home Delivery, Education, Energy, and beyond.

Women at an airport, where there is a high probability for losing your phone
RMNDR uses bluetooth technology to help you avoid lost phones

We have a solution

The solution is clear: Don’t lose your phone in the first place. Though there are many tracking devices and services available today, the number of lost and unrecovered devices continues to rise.


Inspired by our own experiences with misplaced devices, Tereo’s team of senior engineers developed the RMNDR and are proud to make it available to companies around the globe.

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