TEREO Corp launches crowdfunding campaign for RMNDR

TEREO Corp. has announced the launch of crowdfunding for its flagship RMNDR, “Never Leave Behind” technology for phones. Though there are a number of tracking devices available on the market, more than 70 million phones get lost each year, and that number only continues to rise. Unlike tracking products, RMNDR alerts users before they’ve lost a phone.

“Despite our reliance on cell phones, it’s easy to set them down and walk away. Trying to find your phone again can be stressful, even with a tracker,” said company representative Sean Blanchard, “The RMNDR offers peace of mind by ensuring that your mobile device is never left behind, eliminating the negative impacts of a forgotten phone.”

Using patented firmware technology, RMNDR creates a unique connection within a few seconds. Should a user leave their device behind, the RMNDR sends an alert while still only a few steps away from the user’s phone. The device then automatically re-pairs with the phone once it has been retrieved.

As the RMNDR prevents users from losing their devices in the first place, it doesn’t rely on GPS or location services to track down phones and therefore requires no app or subscription. This means users’ personal data is never known or exchanged, providing even more security, peace of mind, and ease of use. 

TEREO Corp. has utilized the inherent features, options, and behaviors of Bluetooth in designing the RMNDR to achieve highly accurate separation distance detection and hassle-free use. This also allows the RMNDR to operate without overly complicated algorithms or processing needs, resulting in low power use – 40% less than other beacon-type devices – and therefore, an extended battery life.

The RMNDR is currently available via a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. RMNDR’s “Never Leave Behind” firmware has far-reaching applications. Early supporters will be the first to access and benefit from this truly innovative technology.

About TEREO Corp

The team at TEREO Corp is a handpicked group of engineers with several decades of combined expertise in developing easy-to-use yet scientifically advanced consumer products that deliver real-world solutions. RMNDR is the brainchild of an inventor who has over 60 years of experience in various fields including aerospace engineering and design, computer networking, semiconductor manufacturing, and video computer gaming systems.