Have your ever walked out of a business meeting and left your phone on the table, or had your phone slip out of your pocket while ridesharing? Has an employee ever reported a lost phone after leaving it at a work site or in a company vehicle? We at Tereo Corp have been there and understand the feeling of dread that sinks in as soon as you realize a device has been left behind. The RMNDR was created to solve this problem.


Using Tereo’s patented firmware technology, the RMNDR is paired using Bluetooth and requires no additional app to work. If you leave your phone behind, the RMNDR will alert you within a few steps, giving you ample time to retrieve it and providing you with peace of mind. Once the device is retrieved, it will automatically re-pair with the RMNDR.

RMNDR Features


The RMNDR is easy to use, in part because it requires nothing more than a Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the battery, which already has a long life, is also replaceable, saving you the trouble of having to discard and replace your RMNDR even after extensive use.


Some tools used to locate lost devices can feel invasive to the user. Using the RMNDR does not require an app or access to your personal information.


The RMNDR uses a special type of Bluetooth connection that ensures a consistent signal strength as well as low energy consumption for continuous, long-term use.

Cost Effective

The RMNDR is less expensive than a new phone, not to mention the other costs that can be associated with a lost phone. Additionally, the RMNDR does not require an ongoing subscription.


Man uses a RMNDR by TEREO device

For now, the RMNDR is compatible with iOS phones that feature Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. The Tereo team is currently working to make it compatible with other iOS devices as well as Android devices.


Tereo has utilized the inherent features, options, and behaviors of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), and the BLE chipsets in designing the RMNDR to achieve highly accurate separation distance detection and hassle-free, automatic pairing and re-pairing capabilities.


This also allows the RMNDR to operate without fancy algorithms or processing needs, resulting in low power use – 40% less than other beacon-type devices – and therefore, extended battery life.


The advertising interval for the RMNDR is 20ms.


The RMNDR has an estimated, fixed alert range of 15 to 30 feet.